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We start with the problem.


Someone once said to me – “your solution is not my problem“.  Serial entrepreneurs confirm they live by the mantra; one (who successfully exited 3 startups in the row in the last 10 years) claims he holds a list of 120 problems to solve he can focus on next.  Considering that same person knows execution is the key and therefore is a ‘one-startup-at-a-time’ guy, you can do the math and wish him to never retire on his birthday each year.


So what does it have to do with email?


It’s year 2014.  Revolution is happening.  Newspapers and TV are struggling, it feels like new platforms emerge weekly, iOS and Android ‘stole’ the internet, mobile and social conquered it and almost killed the cookie while doing it; big data, cross-channel, crm retargeting are the new buzz words driving innovation and venture money while various acronyms (ESP, DSP, DMP, SSP, DEM, CDN, ATD, CRM etc…) are begging to consolidate.  ExactTarget loses the name to Salesforce for $2.5 billion, SilverPop joins IBM Watson, even Oracle expresses passion for advertising buying Responsys adding to Eloqua, and rebranded Strongview scores #1 on Forrester, wants to be SAS … or maybe SAP.


At the root of all this – email.  The ‘common denominator‘ of internet.  Sometimes overlooked, undervalued or understaffed, it’s undergoing a Renaissance in 2014.  Google has disrupted the inbox first with tabs, then with grid, then with THE inbox while injecting social, search and display into email.  It even got itself a Feedback Loop in 2014.  Email is seeing unprecedented amount of innovation from companies like Facebook, Twitter, LiveIntent, MoveableInk, Persado, etc…


The problem – playing the game of cross-channel, brands have a larger puzzle to put together than ever before.  A puzzle that needs to be customized to be optimized for unique business model.  There is a lot of money left on the table, tons of unrealized potential.  The industry changes – anything from image caching, new technologies or vendors, through IP stripping, deliverability to custom audience targeting – the devil is in the details like never before.  Doing it wrong costs money.


Solid email program unlocks the value of cross-channel marketing. is here to offer the solution – it takes advantage of opportunity costs related to cross-channel marketing.  It grows your email and while at it – grow your entire business.