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SOLUTION was born in 2014 – the year of unprecedented changes in the email marketing space. is a boutique media and email marketing consultancy shop that sees email as the channel that is underutilized and often misunderstood in the age of display, search, social and mobile coexisting inside the customer’s inbox.


The same ‘start-up philosopher’ who pointed out the problem, advised that no matter how good the idea, no matter the solution – it’s the execution that counts, and that there are two kinds of people in the world – the talkers and the doers.


By uniquely crafting email programs to feed from and provide benefit to all other channels we take the entire business to the next level.  We do it hands-on, because the execution is the key!  We work with resources and know-how you already have – your team, your MTAs, ESPs, or we set everything from scratch – all that it takes to take YOUR  business to the the next level.




Provide agencies, advertising and publishing brands with education, strategy, design and execution of world-class email programs on performance basis.