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We live in an era in which marketers are becoming more and more technical, and with that comes the need to build a marketing tech stack (email marketing software included) that puts the business in autopilot mode. The problem with the technical-driven approach, beyond the obvious one, that is ignoring the creative side of marketing, is to start pursuing new shiny objects, which turns your marketing into a useless effort. Besides reducing your marketing efforts results, going after every new shining object has its financial costs, and as a person who is responsible for the companies’ marketing department, you should have this in mind when you are in the market looking for a solution that will help the business grow. In this article, in particular, I will talk about choosing an email marketing software that won’t break your finances, especially if you are an SMB. The criteria I will take into consideration are: Pricing Features Integrations Why these three? We don’t want to pay a lot of money when we have cheaper and good email marketing software alternatives in the market, at least I don’t. Yes, the solution can be cheap, but if it doesn’t suit your needs you will be spending money instead of saving it. This is why we will take a look into some of the features, and see what we are buying for the price we are paying.