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Have you ever visited someone’s LinkedIn profile and wondered “I really admire his work, would love to know more about what he’s doing”. You send a LinkedIn connection request, but nothing follows?🤔

If you are a marketer or business owner, you must have found the right target customer and you searched their LinkedIn profile. You thought of sending a nice message to introduce yourself and increase the odds of your application. But you just sent a request to connect on LinkedIn and left it at that. Your ‘potential’ customer is now just a ‘potential’.😧

These are just two examples of how sending a personalised message on LinkedIn can change your life, for good. The idea is that sending a simple message has huge potential for claiming an opportunity at hand or even better creating an opportunity.

In this article, we take you through the 4 steps that you NEED to take while writing a LinkedIn message. This will greatly help you improve your response rate.

We have also listed 10+ do’s and don’ts along with some great templates to get you started.👨🏻‍💻