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Now here’s a dilemma many B2B Ops professionals face: “should I build or buy my revenue attribution solution?” 🏗 We know there’s a lot to consider when making the choice that best meets your unique needs. That’s why we’ve put together this post to help you decide whether to build or buy your B2B revenue attribution platform. The way we’ve helped resolve the dilemma for our customers has been by unpacking what is actually needed to arrive at a powerful (and sustainable) B2B revenue attribution solution. So, in this post we’ll be covering the process of building a B2B revenue attribution solution in order to help you down the road of building or buying. Contents: – A warning on your assumptions – Setup: what you need for B2B revenue attribution – Data collection – Cleaning and merging data – Attribution and analytics – Maintenance: what you need to keep your attribution up and running – Resources: how long it’ll take and how many people you’ll need – Evaluation (TL;DR): so what’s it gonna be? Build or Buy?