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If you’re just starting out or if your business is going global, chances are you need to merge some of your Facebook pages. And let me tell you, this is not a trivial task that requires two clicks.

That’s what I was expecting. Instead, this process got me my first grey hairs.

Since I really care about your sanity, I decided to tell you everything I learned while combining some Facebook pages (and crying).

Why you would need to merge pages on Facebook — the scenarios

You probably started your page as a test, and now it needs some tweaks. Maybe you didn’t plan to expand. There are a lot of situations that require a Facebook merge. Here are the most common cases when social media managers need to merge two Facebook pages.

  • You lost admin rights to your old page, created a new Facebook page, and got back admin rights to the old page.
  • You ended up having two personal accounts and one business page. That’s against Facebook’s Terms & Conditions. So you turn one of the personal accounts into a business page and now you have two business pages for your business.
  • Your brand needs a global Facebook page that makes local pages more manageable. For that, scroll down ‘til you reach the Facebook global page scenario.
  • Somehow, several people created several pages for your business. Good intentions, but no, thanks.
  • You need a local page, but it wasn’t set to be local. People tried to check in on your business Facebook page, but instead, they created new place Pages.
  • You set up a wrong name for your business Facebook page. You then created a new business page with the correct name. Now the page with the wrong name started growing and you need to merge the two pages.

Facebook page creation is a slippery slope that fortunately has a counter-poison.

How to merge pages on Facebook?

Facebook’s help center is pretty straightforward when it comes to merging Facebook pages. To make sure everything goes smoothly, you have to:

  • Be the admin of both Facebook pages.

  • Make sure your pages have the same name and represent the same thing.

  • Set the same address for both pages (if they have physical locations).

What to do before you combine two Facebook pages

The merging itself seems to be quite easy. The preparations before the actual merger, on the other hand, are a minefield. Start preparing with at least one week in advance. It’s never too early if you want everything to run smoothly.