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“A lot of times, just going heads down and sticking with something over a long period of time is better than just thinking you have to do everything now and immediately and I think startup culture confuses that.” —Mike McDerment, Freshbooks Freshbooks is the #2 small business accounting software in America, but the road there wasn’t easy. In this episode of the Growth Hub Podcast, Mike McDerment, former CEO, and Board Chair of FreshBooks, tells us how the company came about almost by accident and the journey it went on from there to success. Now, with over 24 million users worldwide, he can look back and see where they made good choices and which decisions nearly killed the business. Insights not to be missed! In this episode, Mike talks about: 🚀 How he accidentally founded a SaaS company 🚀 Why moving too fast almost killed FreshBooks early on 🚀 Why he underestimated word of mouth as a growth driver 🚀 Why raising at the wrong time can be very dangerous 🚀 The counter-intuitive idea of why Mike decided to start a direct competitor company to FreshBooks called BillSpring Those and more fascinating thoughts and pointers for SaaS businesses can be heard in this latest installment of The Growth Hub podcast.