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Here’s my secret recipe… 🎉

The 5-step process [breakdown]

1. Define your Ideal Sales Conversation

Before offering anything to your audience, whether it’s a free or paid product, you need to be able to get them “in the mood” for buying.

Think of your last visit to an electronics store.

What questions did the sales rep ask you, and how did that help to initiate the buying process? You certainly don’t walk up to someone and ask them to buy a laptop or a smartphone.

Why would you do that with your digital offers?


2. Select the right offer

There are (at least) 3 main types of offers:

a) Lead Magnets (think ebook, guide, checklist)

b) Loss Leader (a heavily discounted product aimed to get you started spending / think Big Mac for $1)

c) Product preview (most common in the SaaS world, like a free trial, or demo call)


3. Create an Offer Funnel

Most Marketers and Busines owners stop after the customer has converted on the initial offer, but think about your McDonalds meals. How you went from “just a Big Mac”), to buying fries, coke, and some ice cream. While the lead/customer is still hot (which is right after they convert) present them with subsequent offers and see if they convert. Statistically speaking, some of them will. 😉

It usually goes like this: Main offer > Low-ticket offer > Upsell > Upsell > Thank you page


4. Segmenting your audience

You are now closer to (if you don’t already have) your first sales. Before you let your leads go, ask them a few extra questions besides their email. You’ll be able to use their answers to personalize the follow-up communications via email, and significantly improve your conversion rates.

a) What type of business do they work for?

b) What’s their monthly (or annual) revenue?

c) What’s their main goal/pain (that made them convert)?


5. The tools of the trade

The last step is learning about the tools that allow you to implement a Lead Generation System without breaking the bank.

 a) WordPress + Elementor for building a website

b) ActiveCampaign for Email and Marketing Automation as well as live chat

c) Convertflow: creating pop-ups, top bars, and calls-to-action

d) Slack: getting real-time notifications regarding your conversions

e) Zapier: gluing all your Marketing tools together


P.S. if you want the complete Conversion Playbook (40+ pages), you can get it on the link below for free.