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There is no formal “growth career path”. The most successful growth folks I know immersed themselves into the space, searched for opportunities to apply growth concepts in their current roles, and treated every project as an opportunity to hone their craft. There is no better example of this than (former GrowthHackers team member) Anuj Adhiya. Anuj is a hidden gem in the growth world. In addition to being the VP of Growth at Sophya, he worked on the GrowthHackers team, and wrote “Growth Hacking for Dummies” to help make growth more approachable. I had the pleasure of chatting with Anuj about his career journey in the latest episode of the How I Got Here Podcast 🎙️. We covered a lot of ground during our convo, including: – How starting his career in support provided a great foundation of customer empathy. – Where he first started learning about the growth discipline online. – How he started applying growth concepts & process in his roles. – The most important skills he thinks are critical to be successful as a growth leader. – His advice to those who would like to build their growth skillsets. And much more! His story is an inspiring case study about the benefits of approaching your career like a growth project and iterating and experimenting your way towards mastery.