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In just 6 years, LinkedIn China’s user base has grown to 48 million people. And while this might not sound that impressive when compared to the user base of a platform like WeChat — with over 1 billion monthly active users — the advertising value of LinkedIn isn’t in the size of its user base, but in the quality of users it attracts. 49% of LinkedIn users in China hold a position of manager or above, and 58% have been in the industry for more than 5 years. Based on these stats, you can safely say that if you’re looking to target B2B decision-makers, then LinkedIn is the place to go. Add to this the fact that LinkedIn is one of the few US social media platforms accessible in China, and you’re on to a winner. This post takes you through the basics of advertising on LinkedIn China, regulations to be followed — and a tool that makes the advertising process a lot easier.