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You can think of Quora as one of the contributors to the marketing flywheel. For context, Jim Collins described ‘flywheel’ in his book Good to Great as the momentum gained because of multiple factors working together. Quora currently has more than 300 million people as their user base. They typically allow users to either pose questions or write up answers. I began using Quora for a business in 2019, and over the next 12 months, I went from 0 to 2 million views and managed to get business opportunities worth $100,000 as part of the process. But it didn’t happen without a lot of trial and error. I started writing on Quora during my time with Ontraport, where I kicked things off. I initially used it just as a forum to answer questions. Quora for anyone who’s not familiar is a Q&A website. People can ask a question, like say – how do I generate more leads on LinkedIn? Or how do I convert more of my trials? And then people can respond to those. And depending on the merits of those answers and how much people upvote specific answers, they get different amounts of attention. And so what happened was I started to write answers and people liked my insights. So, from there, I started getting more and more involved, and Quora became something that was not only just a platform for me to get out content, but I could distribute it to a large audience. And it became a place where I also networked quite a bit. What works well on Quora? First up, Quora is a storytelling platform. When I first started on Quora, the way that our team had been using it was to repurpose the blog content merely. And it didn’t perform very well because that’s not how it works on Quora. The platform encourages answers that are personal experiences. Keep it super personal and honest. So the first big takeaway is – take a step back from the blog style long-form content that expands on an issue from a didactic or instructive standpoint. You can still absolutely layer that in, but I think it’s essential to nesting it within personal experience.