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We’re in a time where it is almost trite and cliche to talk about remote sales as the ‘new normal.’ Much before COVID, many of us were actively using online meeting tools like Zoom and Google Meet for our sales calls and customer success meetings. However, the key difference is — in 2019 B.C (‘before COVID’ on a lighter note), although we already had great adoption for the online meeting tools, most sales meetings happened in a hybrid fashion, i.e., a combination of online meetings and in-person meetings. Trust and relationships were built over lunch meetings, dinners, happy hours, etc. Zoom and Google Meet helped keep the relationship going but was never completely relied upon for end-to-end sales. And let’s suppose you were involved in remote selling much before the world went remote. In that case, there’s still a lot of difference between the remote selling that happened via Zoom within your office space vs the remote selling that’s happening now from your home, with kids and other possible distractions in the background. Regardless of whether you are selling to an enterprise or SMB, all your sales conversations will be completely online. So, building rapport online is the need of the hour. How to build rapport for remote selling?