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Your content should solve the problem of your audience. Not just do keyword research for SEO. Focus on solving the problem and make it thematic. You’ll see the growth. In this episode, we’re going to learn from a product growth specialist. We discussed: Why does your content team need to think like a product team? How does it benefit? Live case study on how to think What’s a ProdPad way of thinking? Show Notes 2:00 – How & Why ProdPod’s team moved towards a theme-based content production 3:23 – Why every team should operate as a product? 3:56 – Provable metrics that moved for ProdPad’s team moving towards theme-based content production 5:38 – How Andrea & ProdPad’s run their experiments? 8:12 – How Prodpad was able to grow its social media account? 10:34 – Live case study on how to make theme-based content work 18:58 – What’s a ProdPad way of approaching any problem?